Vertical Powder mixers

Vertical Powder mixers


The GIMAT Vertical Mixers are characterized by a conical body with a special vertical axis ribbon screw.

Rotation of the helicoid blade creates two crossed flows, one of which is forced and the other gravitational, as follows:

  • An ascending flow of the product in the external peripheral portion of the mixing chamber
  • A descending flow at the center due to the effect of gravity.

The powder mixing is fast, homogenous and gentle, without overheating the mixed product.

The low peripheral speed makes these mixers particularly suitable for applications in hazardous areas in accordance with ATEX regulations 2014/34/UE e 1999/92/CE.

The rotation of the mixing shaft is carried out by means of a bevel gearmotor that ensure a high output of the entire kinematic chain and quiet operation.

Compared to common vertical screw mixers, in our vertical ribbon mixers the support of the mixing shaft is separate from the gearmotor allowing to change the latter without disassembling the mixing shaft, thus reducing maintenance time and costs.

The Mixing shaft is supported and centered only on the top of the mixer thanks to a ribbed die-cast food grade aluminum frame that comprises two robustly spaced large ball bearings. This solution creates an effective joint for the mixing shaft.

These vertical blenders for powders and are particularly targeted at the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, as they ensure good mixing and the absence of residues during emptying. They can also be used as homogenizers for powders of equal type but different lots.

The particular shape of the conical mixer body, allows a high quality of interior finish and ease of cleaning through its wide hatch.

On request, they can be equipped with high pressure washing nozzles. The shape of the mixer body and the adequate choice of plate thicknesses used will make it possible to place the mixer in a vacuum if it has to be filled by means of a pneumatic depression conveyor, thereby creating a continuous high capacity pneumatic conveyor system.

Model Geometric vol (lt) Useful volume (lt) Max load (kg) Power (kw) A B C D E
VMX 100 105 100 100 1,5 654 970 890 720 200
VMX 200 230 200 200 2,2 658 1255 970 720 200
VMX 340 430 340 340 3 808 1405 1045 920 200
VMX 600 650 600 600 5,5 1008 1720 1330 1150 200
VMX 1000 1200 1000 1000 7,5 1108 2020 1330 1250 250

More size on request


Powder mixing system with adduction of liquid aroma by membrane pump and lump breaker to spread the aroma while preventing the formation of lumps in the powder Emptying and movement without demixing the contents by means of a grooved screw conveyor on wheels in easy cleaning version

100 to 340 lt vertical ribbon mixer with optional external sandblasted finish and internal mirror polish for powdered plastics, food products and pharmaceutical preparations.
On request, an integrated particulate seal system for filling drums can be supplied

600 lt vertical ribbon mixer with double chopper/lump breaker on the sides for mixing fertilizers in hygroscopic powder form
Fed by gravity from a screw doser-filler for bags and cans of blended mixture. Logic control panel integrated in system.

340 usable liter vertical ribbon mixer for food and pharma sector, sandblasted exterior and internal polish. Can be filled manually or in a vacuum. With its cylindrical-conical design, it lends itself integrated operation as a pneumatic conveyor, cyclone and powder mixing unit. It has a lump breaking chopper to intensify the quality of the blend and prevent the formation of lumps during the addition of nebulized liquids.

50 to 200 lt vertical ribbon mixer designed for manual filling with hood to trap and capture any particulate generated during bag emptying.
Transfer of the blend obtained with flexible screw conveyors without demixing the contents.

1000 lt vertical ribbon mixers for powdered and granular detergents with loading and filling via flexible screws. 1000 lt vertical ribbon mixer for blends of grains will filling in vacuum via pneumatic suction conveyor and addition of water through a membrane pump