Shaftless screw conveyors

Shaftless screw conveyors


The shaftless screw conveyors are a high capacity and efficient conveying system for powders, granules, grounds and blends.

This new conveyor system was designed to implement the well-known flexible screws produced by GIMAT and widely acclaimed by the market since as far back as 1975, when much higher capacities were required or there was a need to move hard-to-convey products while maintaining as many as possible of the advantages of the flexible screws.

Main advantages

  • High thickness, high abrasion resistance, antistatic and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved outer tube
  • Tube in AISI 304 – 316 stainless steel or painted iron for the movement of products at high temperatures, or particularly abrasive materials
  • Shaftless screws with extra thick cross section
  • No intermediate or terminal support
  • Rapid and greatly reduced maintenance
  • High capacity with low power use
  • Silent running, dust proof
  • Mixing while moving
  • Long conveying distances
  • Can be used for movement in various combinations of ways (horizontal, tilted, vertical)
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Easy to install and to adapt on site thanks to the possibility of cutting the tube and screw to size during use

Upon request the flexible screw conveyor can be designed and built in conformity to ATEX Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU for Zone 2 – 22 and Zone 1 – 21


Shaftless screw conveyor model MAR 140. Supporting frame on wheels to facilitate movement toward the wash room.
Storage hopper with 150 liter capacity, with wall-mounted bridge breaker agitator.

Mixing, conveying and dosing of food blends in jars or bags. Shaftless screw conveyor specially designed to interface with mixer discharge at reduced uptake height.
Tube emptying by reversal of the direction of rotation and removal of the screw, facilitated by its semi-flexibility.

Bulk bag emptying if the powder conveyor process requires a vertical raised section with limited layout space and the high capacities required in terms of kg/h do not permit the use of a flexible screw.
Bulk bag emptying with lateral pistons and single-shaft lump breaker for packed hygroscopic powders. Powder conveyor with screw extractor that injects it into a vertical shaftless screw conveyor.

1000 liter storage hopper on wheels with uptake via shaftless screw conveyor type MAR 160.
Helicoids available with different grades of surface finishing and roughness: mirror polished, microshot treated or simply laminated at high temperature.
Tubes in UHMW PE with thick walls and high mechanical resistance and abrasion resistance, with food-grade surface and antistatic treatment in external diameters from 140 to 220 mm. Other smaller diameters available on request.

Shaftless grooved screw for powder and granule dosage in a semi-automatic filling scale for open-mouth bags.
Covers fully openable for cleaning and inspection. Internal anti-wear coating
in UHMW PE optional depending on the applications.

Bulk Bag emptying and vertical conveyor loading dissolving agents in sugar.
Application suitable for ATEX 22 zone. Bulk Bag Emptying structure entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel. Ideal solution for CIP (cleaning in place) after emptying the product via reversal of the direction of rotation, steam jet hydrocleaning from above inside the pipeline thanks to the particular configuration of the shaftless screw which means there are no bearings on the bottom and intermediate supports on the inside that would prevent bending of the shaft.

Emptying of bins and containers for palletizing by means of a special elevated supporting frame and shaftless screw conveyor with tube in stainless steel, on wheels for loading various types of packing machines.