Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveyors


Pneumatic conveying systems for powder and granules for the food, chemical and plastic industry.
Thanks to long experience in many years, GIMAT is able to scale, design and build a system of powder conveyors choosing from our range the best and most economical pneumatic conveyor to resolve the customer’s problem, based on the type of product and system layout.
Pneumatic conveyor in diluted or in dense phase under high vacuum so as not to demix or damage the product.
The filtration units are easily removable for cleaning and are interchangeable according to the MOCA directive 1935/2004.
Electric vacuum or pneumatic pumps depending on the needs of the systems and possible classified areas according to the Atex directive.

Possibility of movement via pneumatic suction conveyor directly into Gimat vertical ribbon mixers which offer many advantages in terms of hourly capacity and ease of cleaning, in case of frequent changes of product conveyed.

The blender in this case becomes an actual separation cyclone offering high efficiency and the ability to position the filtration body at the bottom, avoiding contamination due to residues of powder on the filters from preceding productions.


Pneumatic powder conveyor by suction thanks to mixers designed to work in a vacuum. Uptake from bulk bag and sack emptying stations. Sack emptying station with integrated suction of powders. Screening for control in line. Mixing powders and filling sacks with mixtures using a special integrated bulk bag supporting structure.

Pneumatic powdered food product conveyor with uptake from bag emptying hopper equipped with integrated lump breaker. 1500 lt horizontal ribbon mixer, polished internally with pneumatic door opening to facilitate cleaning of the contents. Screw conveyor on wheels with pneumatic tilting mechanism and metal detector.

Big bag emptying by pneumatic conveyor system in diluted stage with integrated cyclone separator in the vertical ribbon mixer. The mixer is emptied into a container of the same material blend. The blend is moved by a flexible screw conveyor so as not to demix the product obtained previously.

Horizontal ribbon mixer. Pneumatic conveyor for powders and granules with high vacuum pump in dense stage to prevent demixing of product. Doser-filler screw infeed for cans and bags.

Pneumatic conveyor system for powdered chemicals and food products Uptake from bag emptying hopper with hood to trap particulate generated during bag emptying. Mixture loading of vertical ribbon mixer for powders. Air-powder separation cyclone filter integrated over mixer or positioned on the ground to prevent contamination in case of frequent mixture changes.
Cartridge or sleeve filters depending on the type of material conveyed, with compressed air cross-current cleaning.

Pneumatic conveyor for edible flour into a horizontal ribbon mixer with uptake of the powdered product from big bag emptying stations or bag emptying hoppers.

Pneumatic suction conveyor for bentonite in powder and granules into a dissolving solution. Uptake of raw material from a manual bag-cutting hopper with centralized suction of particulate generated during bag emptying.
Sleeve or cartridge cyclone filter with cleaning by compressed air in cross-current, certified MOCA 1935/2004. Front hatch for inspection and facilitated maintenance. Rotocell in stainless steel in “easy cleaning” version with easy removal of rotor for cleaning.