Countinuous Mixers

Countinuous Mixers


Along with the flexible screw conveyors these units make up an autonomous system for batching, continuous mixing and completely automatic powder conveying system managing flow rates of up to 10,000 kg/h. Solutions with higher flow rates can be studied and supplied.

They can be supplied to satisfy dosing, mixing and conveying requisites as follows: Powder Storage: for two or three materials, whether they are powders, granules or ground materials, and storage volumes according to each individual need. It is possible to start with storage, even directly from the bulk bag.

Individual storage units, bulk bag emptier stations included, can be positioned on loading cells for immediate content control.

Continuous volumetric or gravimetric feed: the feed spirals or screws – one for every produced dosed – are driven by gearmotors with servo-ventilated motors controlled by inverter, or by brushless motors with dedicated drivers.

Powder Mixing and Powder Conveying: with flexible screw conveyors or Shaftless Screw Conveyors that pick up the already batched products and mix them during conveyance from pick up to unloading In cases where it is necessary to have a particularly accurate mix between the multi-ingredient Batching Units and the conveying system, a Continuous Mixer unit is placed in the middle; this unit is commonly called “paddle mixer”.

The unit is made up of a series of adjustable rotating paddles and appropriately configured to enable it to mix the products, previously dosed at the loading mouth, during horizontal conveying towards the flexible spiral conveyor which serves as an elevator.

The pre-mixed product in the paddle mixer will be further homogenized during conveying to its destination inside the spiral conveyor, thereby avoiding the demixing process typical of pneumatic conveying systems; moreover this system improves the quality of the mixture compared to the configuration having only one mixing unit with rotating paddles Special versions and versions compliant with directive ATEX 2014/34/EU for Zone 2 – 22 and Zone 1 – 21 are available on request.


Integrated system for dosage of ground coffee and aroma, continuous mixing with rapid ribbon or paddle mixer, homogenization and movement of the blend via flexible screw conveyor to the packaging line for pods.

Bulk Bag emptying, volumetric dosage for 2 ingredients (fiber 5% and sugar crystals 95%), continuous mixing by paddle mixer and homogenization during transfer by flexible spiral or screw conveyor. Blend production from 1,000 to 6,000 kg/h.


Dosing unit for two ingredients and continuous mixing during transfer via flexible screw conveyor for flour products for human consumption.

Dosage of three powdered ingredients, continuous mixing and direct transfer to the packaging machine for the production of a blend of coffee, ,powdered milk and sugar (3 in 1 coffee with milk)

Paddle Mixer – continuous paddle mixer with external jacket for passage of refrigerating fluids, complete with safety valve and excess pressure control.
Subsequent passage on flexible spiral conveyor, homogenization and cooling of a blend of rubbery plastic granules prior to packing in 25 kg sacks or bulk bags.

Feeder hoppers / multi-ingredient dosing units, plastic materials sector, for dosage and movement in process machine (press or extruder) of virgin, ground and master/color in both powder and granular form.