Bag emptying hoppers



Fixed or wheel-mounted containing hoppers are built in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel with appropriate surface finishing treatment.

Storage hoppers come in sizes from 100 lt to 1,000 lt, with geometrical design and can be equipped with hoods for collection to the customer’s particulate exhaust system.

On request, the hoods are supplied complete with suction and filtration system to trap particulate generated during bag emptying, and with cleaning of the filtering sleeves or cartridges by compressed air.

Among the bag cutting hoppers  with suction hoods there is one designed for hazardous, toxic or high particulate products that calls for the use of a glove box – a sealed cab reached with gloves.

The operator inserts the intact bag through the opening of the side door with gas springs that is then closed. After that, the operator accesses the inside of the bag cutter cab using the gloves and the cutting kit to open and pour the contents of the bag inside, with the suction filter on to prevent clouds of particulate. After the confined environment has been dedusted, a new bag can be inserted. The empty bag is expelled either laterally (from the side opposite the intake) collecting the bags inside a special flexible container, or through the filling hatch. The exhaust air filtered by the centrifuge fan will, when necessary, be conveyed outward and sent through an absolute HEPA filter.

The bag emptying hoppers are designed for connection to the GIMAT mechanical or pneumatic powder, granule or ground material conveyor system.

This system is designed to be able to introduce accessories for easing the fluency of the materials contained inside and control their level automatically.

Among the former we find:

Mechanical Bridge Breakers in various versions.

2 – Eccentric mass vibrators

3 – Vibrators or jack hammers

4– Flat Bottom Extractors

The automatic level controls we have are:

  • Level indicators having a rotary blade;
  • Capacitive sensors;
  • Diaphragm level indicators and other more specific types.

In addition to the mechanical bag breakers in the standard version, there are numerous versions of special bag breaker hoppers that GIMAT designs and builds to order to satisfy the specific needs of its customers.


TPA (lt.) 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 600
A mm 506 900 900 900 900 900 1204 1204 1204
B mm 506 650 650 650 650 650 904 904 904
H (G1) mm 742 840 900 980 1070 1190 1004 1094 1184
H (G2) mm 777 845 935 1015 1100 1220 1031 1124 1214
H (G3) mm 807 875 965 1050 1130 1250 1079 1169 1259
H (G4) mm - 948 1035 1122 1209 1296 1200 1300 1400
Picking tilt (α in degrees) 30° 30° 30° 30° 30° 30° 30° 30° 30°


Bag emptying hopper in AISI 304 with 150 lt useable capacity complete with electro-mechanical vibrator, interior finished to mirror polish for edible starches and flour products, with product uptake cone for pneumatic movement of the powders. On request, a hood with flexible strips on the filling side to retain the particulate generated during bag emptying. Ready for connection to suction system and centralized particulate trap.

Raw material emptying station in 25 kg bulk bags and sacks. Manual bag emptying hopper with holding hood complete with openable hatch with gas springs and integrated suction of particulate generated during emptying of bags. Suction filter with sleeve or cartridge filters and automatic circuit board for management of filter cleaning in cross-current with compressed air.

Manual bag cutting hoppers with cover and centralized particulate suction hood. Can integrate bridge breaking agitators, mechanical or pneumatic vibrators and connection to conveyor system for powders using GIMAT flexible screw conveyors.

Storage hopper in truncated-cone pyramid version with flat-bottomed agitator-extractor designed for powder transfer via flexible screw conveyors in single configuration or extraction and elevation

Storage hoppers in special versions with different configurations: Sack cutting hopper with exhaust hood and agitator for powder on the bottom. Conical cylindrical hopper with vibrated bottom for rapid emptying under safe conditions of the entire contents of a 1 bulk bag.
Palletizable storage tank in conical cylindrical version with controlled aperture guillotine valve for regulation of content emptying speed.

Manual bag cutter hopper with ATES 22 filter for integrated suction of particulate and cleaning in cross-current of the sleeves and glove box.