twin shaft paddle mixer

The twin shaft paddle mixers produced by GIMAT in discontinuous (Batch) version are based on the principle of mechanical fluidization given to the product to be mixed by the special design of the mixer paddles. Inside the mixing chamber, they create a movement that is both axial-rotary and radial.

They are used in rapid mixing processes (1-2 min) but are also very gentle.
They are ideal for temperature-sensitive powdered and granular products such as fats. Liquid mists can also be added and agitators / choppers can be provided to break up lumps and prevent powders from packing. Considering the reduced play between the two paddle rotors and the blender body, they can mix fragile products like combinations of puffed cereals and other grains, nuts, etc.

The discontinuous (batch) version of twin shaft paddle mixers is produced in usable volume versions of 250 and 400 lt.

To take the best advantage of the production capacity, they can be integrated in a fully automated process of:
• emptying separate ingredients to be mixed starting from the bulk bag supporting structure and/or sack emptying hoppers
• pneumatic conveying of powders into a filtrating buffer hopper on loading cells on which to load the various ingredients placed over the mixer
• rapidly mix all ingredients
• discharge of mixed ingredients into a buffer of the same content as the mixer

They are driven by a single right-angle gearmotor which in turn drives a special reduction gear unit designed and built by GIMAT.
The special GIMAT reduction gear with straight-tooth gears in an oil bath, with tear-resistant joint integrated to preserve the mechanism in time, transmits a counter rotation intersecting motion to the two paddle shafts of the mixer for powders, granules and liquids.

A double clapet valve on the bottom ensure rapid discharge of the content and the absence of zones of unmixed product.

The particulate seals on the rotating shafts are easily replaced from the outside for operations of maintenance or frequent cleaning, and are made of an elastomer blend certified MOCA 1935/2004 which ensures an excellent, long-lasting particulate seal.

The large loading hatch can be fully opened to permit easy cleaning of the mixer in case of frequent changes of blend, both dry and with liquids.

They are manufactured in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and MOCA 1935/2004.