aero mechanical conveyor

These aero mechanical conveyors, also known as disk conveyors, are ideal for long sections of pipeline conveying densely packed and/or non-fluent powder vertically, thanks to the fluidity generated in the powder during its passage through the line.

Another advantage is the ability to empty the line completely so as to transfer to a higher level a quantity pre-weighed at the lower level without losing accuracy.

Aero mechanical conveyor system design

1) a loading zone equipped with mechanical dispensers of the volumetric and gravimetric type which can draw from silos, hoppers or bulk bag emptying stations.

2) a disk conveyor system with flexible elements (cables or ropes) on which the solid particles are conveyed in suspension. The disks of antistatic plastic material are positioned at constant pitch on the conveyor tapes creating, in action, small suction chambers that ensure the non-demixing of the materials and prevent any deterioration of delicate, crumbly materials.

3) unloading zone that uses centrifugal force through appropriately sized discharge outlets