Rigid spiral conveyors
Flexible screw conveyors

Rigid spiral conveyors & Flexible screw conveyors


Rigid spiral conveyors, also generically called mechanical conveyors are different from flexible screw conveyors because the rigid conveyor tube is made of carbon steel or stainless steel (304 or 316) instead of nylon.

The rotary spiral, like the structural work for loading and unloading the materials, is made of carbon steel or stainless steel (304 or 316) depending on the type of rigid tube being used.

Though the tube is rigid, the spiral is like the flexible type that facilitates adaptation to the granule size of the material being conveyed while faithfully following the tube geometry in cases where there are pressed curves.

Its other constructive characteristics are the same as the flexible screws (see technical data for the relative product).

10 reasons for choosing this powder conveying system:

  • Suitability for conveying products with high temperatures;
  • Perfect suitability for conveying chemicals/foods if it is made of stainless steel;
  • Long-distance movement without need of intermediate support devices for the spiral;
  • Self-support between the two bays;
  • Option of introducing pressed curves;
  • Mechanically simple and durable;
  • No powder dispersion;
  • Suitable for horizontal and tilted conveyor;
  • Loading and unloading at any point of the line.
  • Conveyed product can be cooled in cases of the flexible spiral conveyors made without outer jacket for containing coolant.

Upon request the flexible screw conveyor can be designed and built in conformity to ATEX Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU for Zone 2 – 22 and Zone 1 – 21

Model Ext.Diam. (mm) RPM Capac. (mc/h) Bulk Dens. (kg/m) Capac. (kg/h)
TRS .50 50 415 0,26 600 160
TRS .60 60 415 0,56 600 330
TRS .70 70 415 0,83 600 500
TRS .80 80 415 1,18 600 700
TRS .90 90 415 1,66 600 1000
TRS .101 101 415 2,31 600 1400
TRS .114 114 415 3,05 600 2000
TRS .129 129 415 5,08 600 3000


Conveyor with rigid tube and flexible spiral in version with uptake from flat-bottomed cylindrical hopper with agitator for improved flow of difficult products. Horizontal extractor and vertical elevator with flexible spiral. Infeed and dosage over a control screen prior to the packing line.

Conveyors with flexible spiral can be supplied in different versions, also with rolled steel tube or with doser functions for powders or granules.

Solutions for movement of packed powders with storage in hoppers equipped with agitator. Flexible spiral conveyors of different lengths. Version on wheels and easy to tilt for frequent cleaning. Suitable for the food industry and compliant with MOCA and ATEX requisites on request.

Flexible screw conveyors and rigid tube models on wheels for supply of packing machinery with vibrating channel or vertical screw dosers.