Horizontal Ribbon Mixers

Horizontal Ribbon Mixers


GIMAT’s Horizontal ribbon blenders are made of thick plates of painted carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304 or 316 with surface treatment fit for use.

The thick plates are also ribbed to withstand the stresses applied during mixing which is rapid and uniform thanks to the special 4-lane ribbon and four crossed flows.

These machines are designed as powder blenders but can also be used to homogenize powders of the same category from different lots.

The horizontal reel mixers built by GIMAT have volumes available in a range from 340 to 5,500 liters with variable power depending on the applications, from 3 kW to 55 kW.

Different dimensions and capacities can also be considered and supplied.

The direct transmission (by means of a helical bevel gear motor, integrated with elastic coupling with torsional flexibility) ensures high performance of the entire kinematic chain and extremely quiet operation.

The inserted joint dampens vibrations and reduces the maximum impact load thereby creating an actual shock absorber for the rotary motion.

The gearmotor is driven by vectorial inverter to permit gradual startup of the mixer even when fully loaded, and rotation speed can be adjusted depending on the percentage of filling and type of blend.

The mixing ribbon supports are made with oscillating bearings installed on special thick plates, adjustable in height, to find the perfect planarity between the rotor (ribbon) and the mixing vat, and reduce to a minimum the clearance between the static and rotating parts. In this way, mixing efficiency is improved and the residues of product left after emptying are reduced to a minimum.

The particulate seals on the headers are designed to be replaced quickly from the outside in case of wear or cleaning in case of frequent changes of the products mixed.

Special rotating elastomeric seals have been designed ad hoc, according to MOCA directive 1935/2004, which have on the one hand the advantage of traditional packings that they are easy to replace and wrap around the rotary shaft, but at the same time do not stretch and ravel the way packings do

This prevents the risk of contaminating the mixture with possible foreign bodies and minimizes the need for frequent adjustment required by packings to restore the seal on the rotating shaft.

The top cover is made to the customer’s specifications and is complete with inspection hatches and openings for adding products.

Emptying is central via the outlet which can be controlled manually or pneumatically.


  • Electric control panel.
  • Supporting frame to raise the discharge off the ground
  • Weighing system on loading cells
  • Preparation for filling and discharge with flexible spiral or rigid screw conveyor by GIMAT
  • Mixer suitable for pneumatic vacuum filling
  • Top cover can be fully opened to optimize

cleaning and product change

  • Anti-explosion panels and flame block for venting explosions from the inside
  • Special versions to satisfy specific needs

Upon request the Powder Mixers can be designed and built in conformity to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU Zone 2 – 22 / Zone 1 – 21

Model geometric volume (lt) useful volume (lt) Max load (kg) indicative power (kw) A B C D E F
HMX 340 425 340 340 3 1150 905 625 1010 C= 1025 MG= 790 1870
HMX 550 700 550 550 4 1290 1095 760 1220 C= 1140 MG= 900 2060
HMX 1000 1235 1000 1000 9,2 1570 1365 950 2640 C= 1310 P= 1210 1020
HMX 1500 1850 1500 1500 11 1660 1515 1080 2870 C= 1445 P= 1330 2890
HMX 2000 2515 2000 2000 15 1925 1650 1210 3050 P=1445 3190
HMX 3500 4455 3500 3500 30 2215 1810 1400 3880 P= 1655 3880

Other dimensions on request

C = door opening with counterweight
P = door opening with pneumatic cylinder
MG = door opening with gas springs


Horizontal 3500 lt. ribbon mixer with upper hood for bag emptying and cleaning hatch with pneumatic opening for food industry, certified MOCA 1935/2004. Frame on loading cells for accurate weighing of contents. Elastomer flush seal, removable from the outside. Elastic joint between gearmotor and ribbon to preserve the mechanisms of the mixing machine in time.

1500 lt horizontal ribbon mixer in AISI 316L stainless steel polished internally for the cosmetic sector, with anti-explosion panel suitable to vent the explosion in a closed environment, classified ATEX zone 20 indoor. Four lateral choppers to optimize the blending and break up any lumps generated by the addition of liquids through the pneumatic membrane pump.

Bulk Bag Emptier with winch, mixing of powdered food products with filling-mixing in automatic and manual mode for 25 kg bags.
Horizontal ribbon emptier-mixer with tiltable screw conveyor in easy cleaning version and packaging of the mixture obtained in Bulk Bags.

2000 lt horizontal ribbon mixer with pneumatic lid fully openable for food sector and mixing of bases for ice cream.
Blend extraction by grooved screw conveyor on wheels with fully openable hood for dry cleaning or washing with steam cleaner and quaternary ammonium salts.

Sanitizing chemical mixer system for Covid-19 prevention. Pneumatic vacuum conveyor so as not to demix the contents and fill cans using a screw doser-filler.

Horizontal ribbon mixers for powders and granules, standard production. Horizontal ribbon mixer for edible flour products with dosed screw extraction and weight control for filling canisters