Lump breakers are particularly useful for braking fairly crumbly lumps of powder/granules in bulk bags or sack where they form due to humidity or to the temperature absorbed during storage. The tendency to form lumps is typical of hygroscopic or heat-sensitive materials.

Square and round lump breakers design

GIMAT lump breakers are produced in both round and square/rectangular versions, depending on needs. The round version measures diam.250 mm and 400 mm, the square 250 x 250 or 320 x 320 mm in monorotor version like the round model. The square 500 x 500 mm version and the rectangular 800 x 500 mm version have a dual rotor for the higher capacity and greater lump breaking efficiency with crushing powers depending on the amount of work they are required to do.

Solutions can, however, by made to measure for the customer and in ATEX 2014/34/UE versions, provided with suitable systems for control of bearings temperature and rotation speed.

Lump breakers consist of a sturdy outer body in painted carbon steel plate or AISI 304-316 stainless steel in cylindrical, cubicle or box shape with rotating blades inside the cut the lump, forcing it to pass through the fixed grid below.

Depending on the available space and the dimensions of the material to be broken, the customer can choose the most suitable size and layout.

Main advantages

Whatever the configuration, GIMAT lump breakers always have a flexible coupling that protects the entire kinematic transmission chain in time, acting like a regular shock absorber of rotary motion, filtering the impacts/impulsive loads that are inevitably created during lump breaking between the product to broken and the rotor blades. Every blade holder rotor is supported on the ends by two oscillating bearings, suitably protected from the particulate by special rotary sealing lip rings in PTFE designed by GIMAT.

The bearings are practically loadless thanks to the fact the gearmotor unit is not installed in pendular fashion on the shaft but is flanged onto the body of the lump breaker or on a separate frame, this relieving the rotor of its weight.

The use of the flexible coupling and the type of assembly of the gearmotor offer unquestionable advantages of duration in time with respect to the solutions used until now on the market.

square lump breakers
square lump breaker drawing
Model SHAFTS M³/h A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) ØD (mm) ØE (mm) ØF (mm) ØG (mm)
RGM 2.5X2.5 SINGLE 15 290 619 253 330 250 330 250
RGM 3X3 SINGLE 30 290 752 296 420 320 420 320
RGM 5X5 DOUBLE 90 290 948 341 600 500 600 500
RGM 8X5 DOUBLE 145 290 1510 296 - 341 917,5 817,5 600 500
round lump breakers
round lump breaker drawing
Model SHAFT M³/h A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) ØD (mm) ØE (mm) ØF (mm) ØG (mm) ØH (mm)
RGM D250 SINGLE 15 170 726 345 356 312 267 M12 (4HOLES) Ø13 (2 HOLES) 246
RGM D400 SINGLE 30 170 860 345 490 445 400 Ø17 (6 HOLES) 246


If it should be necessary to control the size of the pieces at output, a finisher can be installed in series/cascade with the lump breaker. This is equipped with a rotor with the blades parallel to the axis of rotation, which forces the product through a screen with round or square holes, to perform a fine control of the piece size and at the same time performing a filtering function.

The finishing and control grids are installed on lateral guides, for easy removal for cleaning and interchangeability depending on the products to be broken and screened, or the output capacity desired.

The finishers-graders can also be used alone without being installed in cascade with lump breakers if the percentage of lumps is low and the different in granulometry between input and output is not excessively different.

Model SHAFTS MESH A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm)
RGM 3X3 SINGLE ON REQUEST - 752 296 420 320 420 320 -
RGM 5X5 SINGLE ON REQUEST 470 948 341 600 500 600 500 745
RGM 8X5 SINGLE ON REQUEST 470 1510 296 - 341 917,5 817,5 600 500 -

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