Vibrating channel feeders

Vibrating channel feeders


The vibrating channel units for batching are particularly suitable for conveying and batching bulk granules or granules so fragile they could be damaged when pushed by a screw or spiral. The vibrations are created by electromagnets.

These devices are widely used in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and plastics industries; they are installed in packaging machinery for the packaging process.

A special controller is provided to regulate the flow rate and therefore the batching of the ingredients in a precise and reliable manner. One central controller controls several batching units connected in parallel.

The vibrating base is the “driver” of the vibrating feeders: we can provide a different design for each different process, according to customer needs.

This choice of the vibrating feeding system is based on the following parameters:

  • type of material;
  • apparent density;
  • minimum and maximum flow rate;
  • duct type and measurements;
  • duct inclination, if any.


Filling Scale for 5 and 25 kg drums of active carbon via vibrating channel doser in tubular version with manual capacity regulation gate

Complete unit consisting of : flexible spiral conveyor, double speed dosing with vibrating channel and weighing platform for 1 to 5 kg jars

Doser with closed vibrating channel for high capacities, with 1000 kg bin holder frame on wheels

Vibrating channel doser for fine powders. Fully enclosed vibrating channel doser to prevent scattering particulate in the environment.