vibrating feeders for bulk materials

The vibrating feeders are particularly suitable for conveying and dosing bulk materials, or granules so fragile that could be damaged when pushed by a screw or spiral conveyor. The vibrations are created by electromagnets.

These devices are widely used in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and plastics industries; they are installed in packaging machinery for the packaging process.

A special controller is provided to regulate the flow rate and therefore the batching of the ingredients in a precise and reliable manner. One central controller controls several batching units connected in parallel.

The vibrating base is the “driver” of the vibrating feeders: we can provide a different design for each different process, according to customer needs.

This choice of the vibrating feeding system is based on the following parameters:

  • type of material;
  • apparent density;
  • minimum and maximum flow rate;
  • duct type and measurements;
  • duct inclination, if any.