Powder mixersThe GIMAT Vertical Mixers are characterized by a conical body with a unique vertical axis mixing helix.

Conical Mixer

The rotation of the contra-rotating helical ribbon creates four cross flows, three forced and one created by gravity:

  • An upward forced flow of product on the peripheral portion of the mixing chamber and a descending one by gravity in the centre.
  • An upward forced flow of product in the centre of the mixing chamber – from the bottom valve to the middle height of the mixer – and a descending forced flow of product – still in the centre of the mixing chamber – from the top to the middle height.

With these technical solutions mixing occurs in a faster and more homogenous way compared to common vertical mixers in particular in the centre of the mixing chamber.

  • The mixing is gentle and without overheating or damaging the mixed product.
  • The low speed peripherals make these mixers particularly suitable for applications in hazardous areas in accordance with ATEX regulations.
  • The rotation of the mixing shaft is carried out by means of a gearmotor with right-angled axles that ensure a high output of the entire kinematic chain and quiet operation.
  • Compared to common vertical mixers, GIMAT Vertical Mixers support the mixing shaft separately from the gearmotor allowing to change the latter without disassembling the mixing shaft, thus reducing maintenance time and costs.
  • The Mixing Shaft is supported and centred only on the top of the mixer thanks to a ribbed die-cast food grade aluminium frame that comprises two robustly spaced large ball bearings. This solution creates an effective joint for the mixing shaft.
  • These mixers are very effective to accurately blend even minor trace components. They will also cope effectively with a wide range of batch sizes.

These vertical blenders are particularly targeted at the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, as they ensure good mixing and the absence of residues due to the unloading design.
Furthermore, the particular shape of the conical mixer body, allows a high quality of interior finish and ease of cleaning through its wide hatch. They are also suitable for being placed in vacuum should they be loaded pneumatically.

Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

Upon request the Vertical Ribbon Mixers can be designed and built in conformity to ATEX Directive 4/9/CE for Zone 2-22 / Zone 1-21


WMX. 30 31 30 30 1.1 424 600 670 480
WMX. 100 105 100 100 1.5 654 970 890 710
WMX. 300 330 300 300 3.0 850 1520 1100 1000
WMX. 600 650 600 600 5.5 1008 1720 1330 1150
WMX. 1000 1100 1000 1000 7.5 1108 2020 1330 1250
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