Powder mixers

Along with the flexible screw conveyors these units make up an autonomous system for batching, continuous mixing and completely automatic powder conveying system managing flow rates of up to 10,000 kg/h. Solutions with higher flow rates can be studied and supplied.

Continuous mixing process

Based on the principle of using screw feeders as dosing devices, a number of components can be fed at adjustable rates (Kg/hr) to a single point producing a recipe. By adjustment a number of recipes can be produced. Feed can be by volumetric or gravimetric means depending on the accuracy and feedback needed. Further mixing is then achieved by secondary conveying.

GIMAT batching hoppers meet the requirements of containment, batching, mixing and conveying in the following way:

  • Powder Storage: for two or three materials, whether they are powders, granules or ground materials, and storage volumes according to each individual need.

It is possible to start with storage, even directly from the bulk bag.

  • Powder Batching Hoppers: with two or three injectors whose rotating spirals are moved by mechanical variable-speed motors or gearmotors with power ventilated motors piloted by an inverter
  • Powder Mixing and Powder Conveying: with flexible screw conveyors or Shaftless Screw Conveyors that pick up the already batched products and mix them during conveyance from pick up to unloading

In cases where it is necessary to have a particularly accurate mix between the multi-ingredient Batching Units and the conveying system, a Continuous Mixer unit is placed in the middle; this unit is commonly called “paddle mixer”.

The unit is made up of a series of adjustable rotating paddles and appropriately configured to enable it to mix the products, previously dosed at the loading mouth, during horizontal conveying towards the flexible conveyor which serves as an elevator.

The pre-mixed product in the paddle mixer will be further homogenized during conveying to its destination inside the spiral conveyor, thereby avoiding the demixing process typical of pneumatic conveying systems; moreover this system improves the quality of the mixture compared to the configuration having only one mixing unit with rotating paddles

Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

Upon request the Continuous Mixers can be designed and built in conformity to ATEX Directive 94/9/CE for Zone 2-22 / Zone 1-21

continuous mixers

GIMAT CONTINUOUS MIXERS – click on images for details