GIMAT SRL has implemented company Procedures and Policies in line with the European Union’s General Regulation on Data protection (GDPR – EU Reg. 2016/679), to guarantee high standards of security and precise rules to ensure the appropriate use of Personal Data.

Authorized data processors:

Data are processed by resources within and outside the company. They are adequately identified and instructed, and operate as authorized data processors.

The data controller is GIMAT srl, the site of data collection and processing is located in Ozzanodell’Emilia (BO) at Via dell’Artigianato 1-17 Ponte Rizzoli.

Main outside data processors:

The company applies a policy of outside data management with special appointments to suppliers of services or to those who process the company’s data even temporarily.

The list of outside processors of personal data is available from the Risk Assessment section of the office in Ozzanodell’Emilia.

GIMAT SRL is committed to the protection of the personal data it receives. Therefore, their management and security are guaranteed with the maximum care, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation on privacy (such as EU Regulation 2016/679).

This information sheet serves to illustrate who we are and why we could process your data, how we process them and to whom they could be communicated.

GIMAT SRL will use your data exclusively for the following purposes:

Reasons connected with the management of the contractual relationship and provision of the service chosen.

Your personal data will be processed:

1     In order to complete the management procedures relative to determination of the actions necessary to fulfill the terms of the existing contract, including payment and legal notice to the appropriate organizations.

2   For reasons connected with marketing activities.With your specific consent, your ordinary personal data will be used for: market surveys, economic and statistical analyses (such as data processing forms received); business information: updates about marketing initiatives; transmission of advertising material/information/promotional material and updates on initiatives, promotions and offers, also with regard to programs and promotions, also online, tending to reward loyalty or to win the loyalty of the company’s customers and invite contacts;

3    For reasons connected with registrations and image management.

With your explicit consent, your data such as pictures, photographs, audio and video material will be processed for:  The development of offers and promotions by this company using brochures, leaflets and other forms of advertising to be sent to customers.

4      For reasons connected with the business activity (legitimate interest).With your specific consent, your personal data will be processed for business purposes connected with the proposal and sale of services accessory to the contract stipulated between the parties, such as after-sales services, assistance, maintenance, online services by remote control or other future technologies.

5      For reasons connected with “sensitive” personal data relative to race, political opinions, sexual orientations.Data relative to health and inherent to the sexual activity of the interested party may be processed only after obtaining express consent. Your data will be processed with the maximum confidentiality.

GIMAT SRL will process the data:

.        on the basis of your consent;

.        because it is necessary in order to comply with the legal obligations, detailed in item 1,  to which we are subject (such as bookkeeping requirements, payment of salaries and social security contributions, counterterrorism controls, economic obligations);

  • because data processing is necessary for the pursuit of a legitimate interest (such as protection and security of the company wealth, fraud prevention, safeguarding strategic company interest and relative business relations, protection of the company property of client companies).

It follows that the providing personal data is mandatory for the reasons listed in item 1.

The reasons listed in items 2, 3 , 4 and 5  are not connected with a legal obligation and supplying the relative consent is therefore optional.

Any partial or total failure to provide the data will result in the partial or total impossibility to achieve the above purposes.

The extent and adequacy of the data provided will be assessed case by case, to determine the consequent decisions and prevent any excess of data processing with respect to the goals pursued.

We will not use your personal data for purposes additional to or different from those described in this information sheet and they will not be transferred to third parties, without prior notice to you and, where necessary, obtaining your consent, and they will be protected from both physical and virtual theft.

The privacy policy of GIMAT SRL is focused on the protection of the personal data entrusted to us, and on processing them in line with our principles of correct business practices, legitimacy and transparency.

We inform you, therefore, that your personal data will be processed using tools and procedures appropriate to guarantee the maximum security and confidentiality, using hardcopy archives and supports with the aid of digital supports, computerized and telematic media.

The communications detailed in item 2) may take place using traditional methods (such as by mail, telephone calls with operator) and similar methods (such as fax, e-mail, text and video messages).

You have the right, in any case, to exercise your power of opposition which, in the absence of your instructions to the contrary, will refer to both traditional and automatic communications.

How long will you keep my data?

Your personal data will be kept from the time of their receipt/updating, for the time necessary to process them as detailed above, after which they will be deleted or rendered anonymous. For more information, also with reference to the criteria used to determine the aforementioned period of conservation, you can refer to the special privacy section on our website:

What are my rights?

You may request, at any time:

  • access to your personal data;
  • correction in case of inaccuracy;
  • deletion; (right to oblivion)
  • limitation to their use.

You may also:

  • oppose their use if processed for purposes of direct marketing;
  • request the portability of your data, that is, receive them in a structured format, commonly used and legible on automatic devices, so that you can transfer them to another company

How will we interact with the interested party?

We will process your request with the maximum commitment to guarantee the effective exercise of your rights. For all the rights of interested parties, the regulation provides a termof one month (which can be extended to three in complex cases) for the data controller

to respond, even in case of refusal.

The data controller must reply to interested parties in writing,also via electronic systems, but orally only if the interested party requests it;

the reply to the interested party must be understandable and concise,

transparent, readily accessible and framed in simple, clear language;

The right of the interested party to access the data implies, in any case, the right to receive a copy of the data that is subject toprocessing, at no charge. The right to oblivion, which is the right to deletion of the data, is broaderthan what was contemplated by the Code (for example, interested parties may request deletion of their data even after revoking consent);

Finally, interested parties can bring their claims to the national monitoring authority (the Guarantor of Privacy).

Can I revoke my consent after giving it?

Yes, you can revoke your consent at any time, however your revocation:

  • will not affect the legitimacy of any use made of the data prior to revocation;
  • will not affect further use of your data based on other legal grounds (for example, contractual obligations or legal obligations to which you are subject).


In case of data theft, or data breach , the controller has 72 hours to inform the authorities and interested parties of this.

For more information about this document or on the subject of privacy in general, or if you wish to exercise your rights or revoke your consent, you can reach us directly at the e-mail

For more information, contact the special privacy section on the website


The Controller of Data Processing