Bulk bag handling equipment

Bulk Bag Dischargers, Bulk Bag Fillers

Depending on requirements controllers can be set up to manage multiple components and recipes. Systems can be designed for Loss-in-Weight dosing or Gain-in-Weight systems.

In order to use the products contained in them on the processing lines, the following devices can be used:

Let’s examine these devices in more detail.

Bag Emptying stations

In the Bag Emptying stations, with or without a cover, the operator manually pours the contents of the sack into the hopper.

As an alternative to a cover, they can be supplied with suction hood designed to be connected to the client’s dust extraction system.

On request, the suction hood can be equipped with a dust filtering system with a centrifugal fan, for dust extraction and cleaning of the filter sleeves in counter current with compressed air.

Bulk Bag unloaders

In the Bulk Bag unloaders the Bulk Bag, containing the raw material arrives at the Bulk bag unloader via forklift, ready to be hung easily.

In this way the operator can make the opening of the bulk bag’s spout safely and without dispersing dust in the environment.

Thanks to the telescopic construction Bulk bag dischargers allow you to adapt quickly to the size of the Bulk Bag with the help of the forklift or with pneumatic pistons (optional).

Gimat’s Bulk Bag emptying stations are designed to be coupled with the flexible spiral, screw or pneumatic conveyors.

For both the bag emptying stations and for the Bulk bag unloaders, accessories are available to guarantee the flow of the material contained inside, including:

  • Mechanical Bridge Breakers in various versions.
  • Lump Breakers
  • Axial Agitators
  • Bin dischargers
  • Flat Bottom Extractors
  • Adjustable eccentric mass electro-vibrators
  • Vibrators or jack hammers.

Bulk Bag Filling Station

The Bulk Bag Filling Station, allows you to support the Bulk Bag during the filling phase safely and without dispersing dust in the environment.

The filled Bulk Bag is then easily detachable with the help of a forklift or a pallet truck for lifting the filled bag from the bottom and placing it on the pallet.

The telescopic structure of the Bulk Bag Filling Equipment allows you to make adjustments to the height in order to adapt to different sizes of Bulk Bag.

The filling of the Bulk Bags can be carried out with the flexible spiral conveyors, screw conveyors or pneumatic conveying systems with the possibility of aspirating the dust generated, with a light vacuum.

In order to accurately manage the quantity of product, the range of Bulk Bag Fillers can be equipped with load cells.

On the Big Bag spout, an optional inflatable cuff is provided that ensures an effective retention of powder combined with the practicality of securing the filling tube