Bulk bag handling equipment

Bulk Bag Unloaders, Bulk Bag Fillers

The movement and storage of products in bulk such as powders or granule, is made prevalently using sacks or bulk bags.

In processing plants that use raw materials in bulk we find:

Let’s examine these devices in more detail.

Bag Emptying stations

In the Bag Emptying stations, with or without a cover, the operator manually pours the contents of the sack into the hopper.

In Bulk Bag Emptying Stations, the contents of the bag previously cut are poured manually into a hopper.
The safety of this operation is ensured, from the standpoint of the chemical risk of exposure to the powders, by fitting the powder containing hopper with an suction hood for connection to the customer’s exhaust system.
On request, suction hoods can be equipped with a particle filtration system and centrifugal fan for the extraction of the powders and an air jet kit for cleaning the filtration sleeves with cross-current compressed air.
In the Bulk Bag Emptying Stations, the Bulk Bags containing the product are conveyed to the supporting frame via lift truck, ready for easy hoisting.
The operator can then open the discharge mouth of the Bulk Bag safely and without scattering powder in the environment. Different types of powder seals can be used depending on the type of product contained in the bulk bag.
Thanks to their telescopic design, the Bulk Bag Unloaders are height adjustable and easily adapt to the dimensions of the Bulk Bag.
Bulk Bag Emptying Stations by Gimat are designed to be paired with powder conveyor systems such as: flexible spiral conveyors, screw conveyors or pneumatic conveyors.
Accessories are available for both Bulk Bag Emptying Stations and Bulk Bag Unloaders to ensure regular pouring of the materials in the bags.

These include:
• Mechanical Bridge Breakers in various versions.
• Lump Breakers
• Flat Bottom Extractors
• Electromechanical Vibrators

The Bulk Bag Filling Station, allows you to support the Bulk Bag during the filling phase safely and without dispersing dust in the environment.
The filled Bulk Bag is then easily detachable with the help of a forklift or a pallet truck for lifting the filled bag from the bottom and placing it on the pallet.
The telescopic structure of the Bulk Bag Filling Equipment allows you to make adjustments to the height in order to adapt to different sizes of Bulk Bag.
The filling of the Bulk Bags can be carried out with the flexible spiral conveyors, screw conveyors or pneumatic conveying systems with the possibility of aspirating the dust generated, with a light vacuum.
The Bulk Bag Fillers can be equipped with loading cells for dynamic weighing of their content.
As an alternative to a simple strap for fastening around the “neck” of the Bulk Bag or filling mouth, the Bulk Bag can be fitted with an inflatable sleeve that ensures a perfect particulate seal combined with the practicality of fastening directly to the filling pipe.